• Apartment or Residential Move-In or Move-Out Cleaning


    There is no doubt that people keep moving regularly from one apartment or house to another between North Fargo, South Fargo, West Fargo & Moorhead. Hence whenever there is a need for apartment/home move-in/out cleaning services, it makes sense to contact us. It is quite obvious that when a tenant moves out from a home or apartment, there would be the need to completely clean. It is also possible that apartments/homes could remain vacant for a considerable period of time. So, whether you're moving our of your apartment and need to clean for the landlord OR you just moved into a new house that you purchased and are not satisfied with the cleanliness, give us a call today.

    We Handle Everything From Start To End 

    Whenever there is a need for apartment/home move-in or move-out cleaning, we offer our best. We have the required experience and expertise. We have a team of professional cleaners with the best of equipment and facilities. We take care of everything when it comes to making sure your apartment or house is as clean as possible. Whether it is cleaning of carpets, windows, driveways, appliances, bedrooms, kitchens or basements, our expert cleaners are here for you.

    We Use The Best Of Cleaning Ingredients And Agents 

    We understand that homes that have been just vacated and homes that have been lying vacant for a period of time would have accumulated dirt, dust and grime. Our cleaning products, while being very powerful and effective, are very safe ecologically and environmentally. Homes which have pets and small babies would certainly find our cleaning very safe. 

    Is There A Need For Professional Cleaners 

    We understand that there could be many customers who might feel that hiring professional services for such cleaning may not be necessary. While not questioning the wisdom of such thoughts and opinions, we have found through our experience that it would be near impossible to totally clean and disinfect a home or apartment that has been lying vacant for such a long period of time. Professional help is certainly needed. Just by spending some money, we can ensure that the property is spick and span and totally free of harmful bacteria and other allergic agents.  

    Prompt & Efficient Services 

    We are known for providing the most efficient cleaning services in Fargo-Moorhead. We never fail on our time commitments that we have made to our customers. However, at the same time customers can be very sure that we will never compromise on the quality of services that we offer to them.  

    Finally we are well known for being very competitive in our pricing throughout Fargo-Moorhead. All that is required is a phone call and our staff will visit the place, do a preliminary analysis and then offer the most competitive quotes. We collect payments only after we have completed the service to the full satisfaction of our clients.  

    We certainly deliver on all our promises that we make to our customers and believe in offering them full value for money. Call Simple Start Cleaning today at 701-639-4688.