• Carpet Cleaning


    Here at our company, we work hard to provide Fargo-Moorhead residents with the best carpet cleaning services in the area. Carpets have become very popular these days due to their outward appearance and their evident comfort. However, just as important as having a nice carpet is to have a clean carpet. We have offered carpet cleaning services to more than a thousand satisfied customers already. They always come back to us for their carpet cleaning needs since we have proven to them time after time that we are reliable, timely and put their needs before our own.  

    Our carpet cleaning services are offered to both residential and commercial properties depending on your needs and requirements. 

    Benefits of Carpet Cleaning for Homeowners 

    If you are a homeowner, having a spotless carpet will prevent you from acquiring any diseases due to pollutants, molds, and other allergens. Sometimes people complain from lung problems, skin rashes, and other conditions. They go to the doctor and take their medication accordingly just to find out that they still continue to be sick despite the treatment. Given the fact that sometimes mold spores form due to liquid spillage, or dust mites have grown in the carpet, which in turn reduce your indoor air quality, sometimes the solution to these health problems can be as easy as having some effective carpet cleaning done. The EPA has confirmed that having an unclean carpet will hold a high source of pollutants such as particle pollution, lead, toxic gases, and cockroach allergens among others. Our powerful vacuums and scientifically tested shampoo solutions will help eliminate those unwanted elements from your carpet. This way, you and your family can be safe at home! 

    Another benefit of hiring expert carpet cleaning services is that your carpet will come to its original state which will make your home look great. This will also allow you to have a functional carpet for years to come since lack of maintenance can advance the rate at which the carpet deteriorates. 

    Benefits of Carpet Cleaning for Business Owners 

    Fargo-Moorhead business owners can’t do without a clean carpet. A business requires that its structure and elements are in top condition in order to attract and retain customers. Many companies as part of their merchandising strategy aim at having an unmatchable space so that customers will prefer their business over others. An unclean carpet can also cause allergic symptoms among you and your employees which can deteriorate the working environment and cause a loss of productivity. As a rule of thumb, having your carpet cleaned once or twice every year will prevent this from happening to a great extent.  

    The methods we use for cleaning your carpets are very efficient. They are intended to cause the least amount of disturbance at your workplace or home while at the same time leaving your carpet in optimal condition. This way, you won’t have to put a halt to your daily activities. “Simple Start Cleaning” is what any carpet owner deserves.  

    We are also recognized for our excellent customer service. Our friendly staff will gladly assist you if you have any questions. Please call at (701) 639-4688 and request your free quote in the Fargo-Moorhead area.