• No hourly rates, no estimates, no contracts, no worry, no stress, no run-around. It's simple with us. If we can take your job, we will and we'll quote you a flat rate price to do so. We'll need to visit your home, apartment or office before giving you the exact and final quote. We do this in order to make sure we accomplish what you want us to complete. If we estimate or quote you an hourly rate and we don't know exactly what it is you want us to do, you'll most likely be disappointed and won't call us again because the price will fluctuate. By giving you a set price, you know what you'll pay, the check will be ready, we'll do our job, and everyone's happy.

    If we can't work with you, it's because our schedule is full or we don't perform the particular service you're requesting. Call us to find out either. We have other preferred partners and vendors we work with in Fargo-Moorhead and will be happy to refer you to them once we determine we need to send you elsewhere and they will take it from there.

    Call us today at 218-789-1472 and let's figure out if we have a match.

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