• Commercial Office Cleaning


    There are many reasons as to why you should regularly clean your office in Fargo-Moorhead. By employing a commercial cleaning service, like Simple Start Cleaning, you will be guaranteeing the health of your staff and ensuring that your visitors are getting a good impression about you and your business.

    Here are some of the reasons why you should keep your business office clean.

    To Maintain a Healthy Environment

    Your staff is there to keep the business running. Without them, it can be hard to operate. By cleaning your office you will be reducing the possibility of germs spreading from one individual to the other. Therefore those people with ongoing chronic conditions, such as asthma, will work comfortably in your office environment.

    Reduce Absenteeism

    In an unclean office, the chances of germs breeding are usually very high and therefore staff members may get ill more often. By keeping the office clean, you will be minimizing the risk of your staff catching germs and becoming ill. If your staff is ill, you know the difficulties of trying to run an office when people are gone, don't you? 

    A Dirty Office Can Lead to Accidents

    Keeping your office tidy all the time prevents your staff from potential injuries, which can result from tripping on something on the floor. Obviously this is a rare occurrence, but it does happen from time to time. Situations like this can lead to unexpected workers' compensation and/or legal charges and furthermore, it may cost the staff member some working time and medical attention.

    Empower Your Team

    The work environment has a major impact on how workers perform. This does not only refer to their efficiency, but also on how they enjoy their job. Keeping an office consistently clean and fresh will make your staff enjoy working for you even more.

    Don't Attract Unwanted Guests

    A dirty office can end up attracting cockroaches, mice and rats. Rather than turning to a office cleaning company in Fargo-Moorhead, you'll be calling a pest control company to help you out. Preventative measures, like consistent cleaning, will help reduce the chances of unwanted guests from entering.  

    Create a Great Overall Impression

    A dirty office will show a potential client or current clients that you may not take your business seriously. This at the end can reflect poorly on the performance of your business. A client should find a clean and fresh office when visiting or having a meeting at your location.

    Hiring Simple Start Cleaning

    By hiring a Fargo-Moorhead office cleaning company, you will be creating an excellent image of the entire business. Further, a cleaner will make the office a good place for all your staff members to enjoy. A clean office will also save you unexpected costs if not maintained. When hiring an office cleaner, you should ensure that they are completely committed to doing the work. A good cleaner will try to fit into your cleaning schedule when it's best for you and also offer excellent customer service.

    At Simple Start Cleaning, we are that company. We are ready to show up when you need us, night or day. We understand that emergencies happen or that you may need a cleaning company during off-peak hours. No problem here. Call us today at 701-639-4688 if you are interested in receiving an ongoing cleaning service estimate from us.