• One-Time Deep Cleaning


    Maintaining a work-life balance is one of the toughest tasks in the world. An exhausting day at work can often leave you too tired to finish your household chores. Therefore, every once in a while you may need someone to lend you a hand. But perhaps it isn't this alone. A messy party may require some extra assistance to get your home back on track as well. If you're a business owner, maybe you can't justify having a Fargo-Moorhead cleaning company in your office every day or every week, but you can see yourself getting your business cleaned every few months. For all those times, we are here to help you out. With our one-time deep cleaning service, you are sure to get a spectacular result without any need for long-term commitment. 

    Why Indulge in our One-Time Deep Cleaning Services?

    While having a daily cleaning service may prove too expensive or even unnecessary for some, a one-off cleaning service is a more viable option. After all, while daily cleaning is difficult for most people due to work pressure, a living environment requires regular cleaning in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

    However, this is not limited to the home alone. Any workplace devoid of a regular cleaning staff requires this as well. After all, a clean work space can boost the creativity and productivity of your employees immensely. Moreover, a clean house can be much more relaxing, giving you much needed peace of mind. Without a regular cleaning, both these places may invite unwanted guests who are a threat to sanitary and healthy living. After all, who would want to live in a house with roaches or work in an office which is regularly visited by rodents?

    Why Choose Us?

    Of the many options floating in the market, we have the best deals for you to make this choice easier. Using only the best equipment and cleaning staff, we give reasonable pricing and assurance of perfection. Not a spot will be missed or a spec left behind as we provide you with the cleanest results. Our staff has been specially trained in cleaning techniques to make the process quick and effective, Moreover, we also come with our own supplies & equipment and a strategic plan to produce brilliant results. 

    We Offer Flat Rates:

    Unlike many Fargo-Moorhead cleaners, we offer flat rates for different services instead of an hourly charge or an estimate that you end up paying more for later. Therefore, there is no fear of the cleaners taking longer to complete the job simply to swindle the client out of some extra cash. To top it off, we ensure that you receive the best rates in the city for our quality of service. Therefore you can get a spectacular result at a bargain price!

    Great Impression:

    A clean environment is not only beneficial to yourself, but can also leave a great impression on the visitors. Ideal for impressing prospective clients or even guests, a clean environment is a must. We understand this need completely, and work towards providing you with ideal results. 

    Clean Both Office and Workspace:

    We do not discriminate between buildings or homes. Whether it is a house in West Fargo or a small office in Moorhead, we will clean it all as per your specifications. So whether it is time for spring cleaning, a moving in or moving out clean up, a messy party or even just the need of the hour, we are only a phone call away! Reach us at 701-639-4688.