• Ongoing/Scheduled Cleaning Services 


    Different Fargo-Moorhead cleaning services offer a variety of packages which are tailored to meet a client’s need for cleanliness at their home or place of work. As a home owner or office owner who has the need for regularly scheduled cleaning services, whether that be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, you will have to choose between general/basic cleaning or custom/deep cleaning depending on the level of cleaning you desire and how often you would like to get the services. The consistency of the cleaning schedule will depend on what we agree upon when we first meet. As mentioned, ongoing cleaning services available for both homes and places of business can be on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis. A monthly ongoing cleaning service will be scheduled to take place every four weeks from the start date of your first service. Weekly and bi-weekly schedules are a bit more flexible dependent upon your ideal days of the week.

    The pricing of the services will vary depending on a number of factors, like the number of rooms (size of property), size of family and guests, pets, expected level of cleaning, frequency of cleaning, inflation and economy, etc. We always quote you a flat rate to clean your home or business, rather than worrying about counting hours and time. If your home or office is outside of our normal cleaning zone within Fargo-Moorhead, there may be an additional travel cost associated with each time we visit.

    During each ongoing monthly cleaning visit, our cleaning technicians will complete general or basic cleaning by going through a check list of basic tasks. The tasks mainly involve washing, dusting, scrubbing, and sanitizing. The various services available during a basic ongoing monthly cleaning are listed below and this is subject to change and also flexible/negotiable when we discuss starting a regularly scheduled cleaning service with you.

    Kitchen cleaning includes:

    • Splash boards and ledges
    • Counter tops (remove things, clean and restore)
    • Loading dishwasher
    • Sinks and Faucets
    • Stove tops
    • Appliances
    • Inside microwave
    • Outside of fridge and dishwasher
    • Tables and Chairs
    • Cabinet exteriors
    • Dusting of entire kitchen
    • Floors and edging (vacuum and mop)
    • Empty trash and replace liner

    Bathroom cleaning includes:

    • Mirrors and chrome
    • Sinks and faucets
    • Ornaments
    • Handles
    • Tiles
    • Floors and edging
    • Counter tops (remove items, clean and replace)
    • Tubs and showers
    • Remove soap mildew and scum
    • Dusting
    • Empty trash, wipe and reline wastebaskets
    • Toilets

    Living and bedroom cleaning includes:

    Starting small ...

    • Pick up all trash from surfaces as well as from under the sofa and other furniture. Dispose as trash.

    Working top to bottom ...

    • Dust the ceiling fan if you have one in either the bedrooms or living room
    • Remove artwork from the walls (if not too heavy or fragile) as we make our way to each room
    • Dust the ceiling, corners, top of window frames, walls, window casings and sills, then baseboards.
    • Using a clean cloth, dust the artwork. Polish glass picture fronts with a light spray. Return artwork to walls

    Move on to soft furniture ...

    • Remove pillows and cushions from the sofa. Air & clean outside if preferred. We don't do bed sheets.
    • Pull the furniture out from the wall. Dust the wall behind the furniture, including the baseboard.
    • Using the vacuum’s upholstery attachment, we will vacuum the sofa and chairs.
    • Return the sofa and chair cushions/pillows.

    Dust everything ...

    • Starting at the entrance of each room, we will work from left to right, removing every item from horizontal surfaces and start dusting. We will dust fronts, backs, sides of tables as well as knickknacks before returning them to their place. Remove lampshades and dust them. Dust light bulbs (and run a cloth sprayed lightly with glass cleaner over the bare bulb; just make sure it’s cool first.) Pick up electronics if possible and dust beneath them. Dust their cords, too.

    Make it shine ...

    • Spray and clean the inside of your windows
    • Clean all other glass surfaces in the room, too

    Now for the vacuuming ...

    • Using the dusting attachment for your vacuum, we will go over the hearth if you have a fireplace in any room
    • We will vacuum all lampshades with the dusting attachment
    • We will then use our crevice attachment and go around the base of your walls, paying extra attention to the corners
    • We will vacuum the floor, moving occasional furniture and area rugs as needed

    Almost done ...

    • We will straighten the room, gather our trash & dispose & do a double check of all work complete

    Other miscellaneous cleaning items include:

    • Doormat vacuuming or cleaning
    • Spot cleaning of walls
    • Moldings, light switches and woodwork
    • General dusting & vacuuming of common areas around living room

    Additional fees apply for these services:

    Cleaning of ceiling fans, cleaning of stairwells & railings, children’s toy cleaning and sanitizing, grout cleaning, inside & outside of cupboards & closets, interior appliance cleaning. door cleaning, blind cleaning.

    We generally provide our own cleaning supplies and can also discuss with you other options, if preferred. You may have your own preferred products that we are to use and we're perfectly fine with that if mentioned beforehand. Ongoing cleaning can be basic or deep cleaning. Deep cleaning involves detailed tasks and scrubbing. Basic cleaning on the other hand is often done for homes which have already received deep cleaning and therefore only require repeated basic cleaning. We will do our best to have the same cleaning technician available for your home or office each time, but schedules and personnel do change, so we do not guarantee it. For services not included in the list above, we will discuss with you and provide a cost if we deem it extra. If you would like to discuss a regularly scheduled cleaning service with Simple Start Cleaning, whether that be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, give us a call today at 701-639-4688.