• Upholstery Cleaning


    When it comes to quality upholstery cleaning, choosing a service provider who will do the job right is important. At Simple Start Cleaning, we are as experienced as they come in the Fargo-Moorhead area. We understand that the upholstery in your home is very important to you and cleaning it can be a sensitive task. We take the proper steps to assure that it is done carefully, thoroughly and most important of all, is cost-effective for you.

    We Possess The Right Wherewithal 

    We understand that in many homes kids and pets could be the reason for lot of dirt and other impurities to accumulate. Our expert cleaners, combined with the best upholstery cleaning methods will certainly help even the dullest upholstery look like new. 

    Professional Approach 

    At Simple Start Cleaning, we are successful because every client we work with gets a professional approach from start to finish. We always try and visit your home beforehand to take a closer look at the upholstery in order to determine how we might help. If personal visits are not possible, we will offer you a personal quote based on a photograph that you can text or email us. Of course, if it's a simple job, we can easily quote you over the phone for upholstery cleaning.  

    We Use The Best Of Cleaning Agents 

    We use only the best quality cleaning agents. Tough on dirt and grime, but are very soft on the upholstery. These cleaning agents are well known for breaking the dirt and grime without damaging the material. Further the cleaning agents go deep inside the upholstery and also clean dirt that is deeply entrenched and also hidden. The cleaning agents that we use work very well on all types of upholstery.

    Cost Effective 

    Our upholstery cleaning is very reasonable and competitive with our pricing. However, at the same time we never compromise on quality just because we are offering our services at an attractive price. Our modern cleaning methods and techniques using advanced equipment and machines will go above and beyond with what you might expect when cleaning upholstery.

    Timely And Efficient Cleaning 

    Our staff is very well trained, highly professional and very courteous. These are just a couple of the reasons why we believe that we are one of the best upholstery cleaners in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Call 701-639-4688 today!