• Window Cleaning


    Most people think that window cleaning task is easy. However the task requires considerable skills for it to be effective. The set up of a successful Fargo-Moorhead window cleaning company never happens overnight. Most individuals will want a window cleaner with relevant skills to ensure perfect cleaning. Finding a cleaner perfect in their work is something hard. The several types of window cleaning include;

    Standard Clean

    A standard window clean suits a home cleaned in the past but never had any renovations at the time. It generally involves a single pass over the glass and it is applicable in areas experiencing a low traffic.

    Deluxe Clean

    A deluxe window cleaning involves cleaning the entire window on the inner and the outer side. It also involves minor paint removal, window tracks, and the deep fly screen. This cleaning procedure is suitable when relocating into a pre-existing home which does not meet your expectations.

    Renovation Clean

    If you have recently done a renovation to your home or business building which leaves your windows covered in paint, excess dust or cement then you will need a renovation window cleaning. The aim of renovation cleaning is to treat the glass to ensure longevity of the glass appearance. This procedure costs almost double the price of the standard clean due to the care, time and the number of times to pass on the glass.

    Builders Clean

    After a new home or building construction, you may need this type of cleaning. It involves cleaning the window flames, fly screens, the windows inner and outer sides, external surfaces like the painted walls, paving and cladding.

    Trustworthy & Credible

    When you hire a window cleaning company in Fargo-Moorhead, they will typically have access to your home or business whe servicing it. Therefore you have to completely trust them. If you are not confident with an individual or a cle-aning company then it is advisable not to hire them. At Simple Start Cleaning, we are trustworthy and dependable. Call us today at 701-639-4688 for a quote today.